• Charlotte will talk you through a wonderful journey of meditation, teaching you how to unwind, relax and simply let go. Using different extracts of music, Charlotte will appropriately pick a meditation ( many of which are mentally kept and stored) or use a choice of prerecorded meditations that she has already made.

    You will love how deep you can go on a voyage of self discovery as Charlotte mentally creates the imagery that you need to explore your psychic capability to connect to spirit or simply to attain a visionary experience. 

    You can expect to experience, colours, smells, tactile influences, visionary disturbances only whilst under a semi hypnotic state as she guides and directs you to lease with spirit, ancestors, guides and loved ones. Not to be missed, an extremely enjoyable experience.

    Ask Charlotte how you can deepen your psychic capabilities. Be apart of a deeper connection. A to go to adventure.