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  • Have a browse through just some of the many testimonials/reviews that Charlotte has received over the years. These are just some of the reviews from the 6 Books full that Charlotte has acquired.

  • Thank you so much. Amazing, very enlightening, Never have I met a soul so in tune with my own.

    Love Kelly

  • Thank you. Amazing Reading, So many Accuracies! I would recommend Highly!


  • Charlotte was accurate to a tee, she was insightful and picked up on the emotions of spirit- thank you so much feel like a weight has gone from my shoulders x


  • Charlotte is clearly very empathic and sensitive. An enjoyable plus interesting experience.


  • An Absolutely fabulous reading - THANK YOU - a lot of very accurate sights from the past and future - definitely will be back and tell all my friends.

    Pam c

  • After just half a day already the readings have read true. Astonishing and accurate left me at points peaked out how accurate. Really good and even inspired me to channel my inner psychic.


  • Charlotte is very professional and punctual with her sessions. She is very empathetic and her personality shines in her readings. She is to the point and accurate, and advises you where needed. Her friendly nature makes it easy for you to talk to her about any issues you may have. Overall I feel that she is a good form of contact if you have any outstanding things you may want to resolve with a long lost love that has passed away. Her environment makes you feel comfortable and calm. If you want to see where your future lies and add a positive outlook on life then I would definitely recommend Charlotte.

    Cxxxxx Chana

  • I lost someone very close to me 9 years ago and Charlotte was able to reconnect me to him and help me to shed a burden of guilt and regret that I have carried since then. I was initially sceptical but once Charlotte began to disclose information I know she was the real thing. It was an experience that left me feeling like a new person and I will thank her eternally for that.

    I am looking forward to seeing you again soon.x


  • Very caring, sensitive reading.

    Wendy C

  • I found my reading very interesting and insightful and very accurate. I am really pleased that I took the opportunity to broaden my horizons and open my mind to a new experience. I would definitely recommend Charlotte.


  • I am very impressed. I am very open and honest but seldom to meet, those I consider the "real deal" and you are in that category. Thank you very much for my reading, you gave me so much I needed to hear.


  • This lady is amazing. Everything that was said to me was spot on. I never gave her any clues and she did not fish by asking questions. I truly believe that she is clairvoyant and has a beautiful and unique gift. I feel amazed by what she has said in my reading. Peace and love.


  • I was a sceptic- no longer! Charlotte's reading was so accurate it was spooky! She is the real deal. Thank you so much.


  • I had doubts about whether to have a the reading, but I am so glad that I did because the information I have just been given was absolutely amazing. It was unbelievably accurate and I am extremely impressed. Thank you so much.


  • Well what can I say... She got my fiancĂ© down to a "T" .... and her family... Charlotte is very calm and surprising with facts.... Still shocked with how she got my fiancĂ©'s family down to a "T".