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    Home Reading (1 Hour)
  • Reading (1 Hour)


    Charlotte will begin the reading with numerology and tarot card reading, moving onto the past, present, future, love, family, career and clairvoyance. The reading ends with Charlotte answering your questions.



    A one hour reading is broken into several different stages. Charlotte will begin the reading with several minutes of numerology before laying a spread of tarot cards. Charlotte will be able to link into your unique situation, telling you about your past, present and future. Charlotte can focus on love, family, career, etc giving in-depth information.

    If you wish to connect to someone passed over, using just their first name, Charlotte can tell you what caused their passing, what their relationship was to you and any specific information or messages that they wish to communicate.

    Charlotte is also able to connect to those that have not passed away – if you have a friend, family member or person of interest, she can tell you specific things about them as well. There is time at the end of the reading to ask questions. Face to face readings are recorded onto CD for you to take away.