• Meditation can be so useful for all of us. Help us maintain brain health calming our anxieties.

    In todays ever fast paced world with all of the intricacies over lapping socialisation, social media ( which puts pressure on us to conform and be the type of person media/ wants us to be. Can we keep up, can we be what our sim selves, avatars portray. Social media helps us put a presence in the central eye of the world but is it really us, there is an ever deepening need to keep up with Kardashians.. in my time it was just the Jones' but time moves on and stops for no-one.. another pressure. So are you looking at a screen that is demanding your focus or attention or is it your need to squeeze in a workout, meet up with friends ( trying to be the modern day socialite) Being dictated to by a non- stop lifestyle.. take a selfie, take a picture of what your eating, complete this task, this project or be yelled at by your boss for not paying attention or getting it right!!

    Don't be so hard on yourself. Some easy steps to follow before you embark on a life of meditation, which will help you to structure your life.

    Firstly get your phone and put it on silent. Look at all of your apps and reprogram them so that they are not constantly bleeping "shouting look at me!! Pay me attention!! Yes Me Your Phone!!! It is not there to rule you so don't let it. If a call is important or a text message on WhatsApp... its not going anywhere, it will still be there when you check it, at least check it on your own terms and not when it demands...

    All of this non-stop existence can really play havoc with your life. You will or may feel anxious, that you are not keeping up with your best friend and they seem to be able to pack in so much and be an achiever whilst you just seem to squander your day away.

    I have some amazingly brilliant news.. if you follow some simple but very achievable steps.. you can change your life today!!!!

    You can minimise that massively over grown to -do list..Make time to prioritise the most important things in your life.

    We together can help with things...Like getting up in the morning, motivated and full of life..I know it sounds unrealistic, I am not telling you anything you can not achieve!! Be bold make a choice, start by changing just one thing and replacing a bad habit with a great habit. Habits won't go away unless you program yourself with a better one to replace the existing one.

    You may be fearful of stopping for just 10 minutes to relax, your mind starts screaming at you and you go around in circles because you can't concentrate and you keep jumping back to the bazare thought process that will not let you relax.... oh those thoughts... you can learn patience to combat these stray thoughts too.

    Stop catastrophasing everything.....

    It can reduce, stress, anxiety and depression. helps you feel more positive and calm. Improve focus and concentration.Improves your sleep

    Charlotte can teach you how to meditate for health, well being and most of all to connect to spirit. All are beneficial and stop you going so crazy you never ever thought you could get out of this strange madness that captivates your thought.. Such good news.. That you finally can.. So call Charlotte Now!! 07507 660 664.