• Love and Relationships

    What is it that men and women are looking for in a love relationship?

    Everyone wants to be loved.. even if that love is from a doting dog or a cat. Love is universal, recognised all over the world and some countries are more demonstrative than others.

    The most burning question that Charlotte gets from her clients is "Will I find Mr or Mrs Right?"

    Sometimes asked by those already in a relationship or engaged. These questions can come up because the party in question may be getting cold feet before a wedding or before moving in with a partner.

    Charlotte can give some amazing guidance on relationships and help you to make the choices you need to make based on the future that she sees with you. Amongst her honesty and candid nature you will hear her truth, it may not be what you want to hear but she will say it as she sees it. Charlotte will tell you what her intuition, psychic capabilities and what spirit or your loved ones in spirit have to say on the subject.

    The most relevant and important lesson to learn from Relationships is to be in a Healthy one. A healthy Relationship helps make you be the ultimate version of you that you can be. Brings out the best in you and makes you feel good about yourself. It does not mean that it is perfect. To have a healthy relationship, factors on different aspects such as communication, self love. Charlotte insists that in order to find the perfect match in life, you first need to discover yourself and then secondly to love yourself. When you have accomplished this then everything else can fall in place to love you.

    10 Hot tips that show your in a Healthy Relationship

    • You need to move a relationship forward at a pace you are comfortable with. Communicating this is a key element to a successful relationship. Don't be pressured into doing things you do not want to do, by your partner or the family of your partner. It does have further stretched consequences when you look at the bigger picture.
    • You need to be able to trust your partner and do it with an open mind. Don't treat your partner as you would your ex, he/she is your ex for reasons only relating to that old relationship, don't bring repeating patterns into new relationships or the old problems will be recreated with the new relationship. Don't tar the new relationship with the brush of the old one. You need some one that can respect you and your privacy and open up to them when you are ready to do so.
    • Honesty is one of those must haves in any relationship in order for it to be healthy and continue to manifest in a positive light. Bring dishonesty into a relationship and the relationship will deteriorate.
    • You still need to have some independence away from the relationship, otherwise you become a shadow of your forma self and disappear into a new identity which could be him or her indoors.. the Mr or the Mrs... The other person does not need to know or be  in every part of your life. It would however be considerate if you allowed them to be and you would have to allow them the same freedom that you would expect. Relationships are about balance.
    • The other persons beliefs and opinions are important and may differ from yours be understanding and respectful of these and make sure that you respect each others boundaries.
    • Doing everything equally, what is good for one is good for the other. So you can hear each others differing opinions, if you were exactly the same it could become quite stale and boring.
    • Be kind to each other and provide the comfort and support through, trauma or illness or anything else that needs a best friend..
    • If you do something wrong, take responsibility for it, equally this works both ways. Be genuine in any apology and be sincere.
    • Every Healthy Relationship can be argumentative, it does not always follow but just because there is a conflict does not mean that it is the end of the world.There is always the making up..we all know how good the can be.
    • You need to do things together.. have fun, bonding is created by kissing, hugging, touching, eating together, or laughing together. there is a saying that those that eat together stay together.

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