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    Psychic Readings

    So how does a Mediumship Reading Differ from a Psychic Reading. Well a Psychic can perceive things that others do not from their environment. Such as, the etheric, an object, photo or person. A Medium will perceive all of that but also talk to the spirits of loved ones, spirit guides, Angels, relatives that have passed over, ancestors etc…

    “Every Medium is a Psychic, however not every Psychic is a Medium”.

    A Psychic has the capability to read soul to soul, connecting with the sitter on a very deep level. Giving messages with regard to love, career, relationships, wealth, family etc…. They can effectively help you make better decisions. Decisions to do with your life because of this knowledge. Your likely path revealed and destiny will then be clearer.

    Mediumship Readings.

    A medium would connect to your loved ones in spirit. So this reading would allow you to communicate with them. Soul to soul of spirit, giving an idea of what they looked like. A look at their stature, nature, characteristics. Telling you what they have to say about themselves. Memories you share. Evidential information relating to their life and how it connects to yours. Some of the information may not make sense until you speak to relatives that also knew the spirit and can confirm the information.

    A Combined Reading

    Charlotte will combine both of these readings together, you can make sense  of your world, what you should be doing and the path you should be on and any messages spirit would like to give you to help you. Healing the ancestral line, as spirit have the capability of making things right by saying sorry or just to tell you how much they love you. The most important part of a spirit contact is the message to better your life and proving that one day we will meet again.

    Perhaps you would like to develop your own Psychic or Mediumistic abilities. Text email or call 07507 660 664 charlotte@clairvoyantlondon.com Workshops conducted over Zoom.