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  • Charlotte is One of London's Leading Psychics, vetted by the British Astrological and Psychic Society, she has worked at london's College of Psychic Studies and London's School of Intuition and healing. She has appeared live on Sky Tv & on stage to a packed audience delivering mediumship. Worked at Alexandra Palce, been aired on Radio 5 live, Ex-PatRadio she is warmly received at events all over the country, when she is not at events you can see Charlotte in her home, where she works most days from 11am to 8pm. (8pm being the last booking) Charlotte "Guarnatees that" You Will Enjoy Your Reading and that you will with the knowledge that you need.

    Charlotte (based in London) has natural abilities as a Psychic, Clairvoyant, Medium, Palmist, Medical Intuitive, Tarot/oracle/intuitive Reader, original taught by her mother ( Mediumship and Palmistry), uncannily, always had so much more knowledge than was taught.

    She can link to those passed over very quickly and easily and is able to give very specific information that is guaranteed to amaze, with the aid of her spirit Guides. ( Information can also come directly from those passed over).

    Her earliest memories of spirit is around the age of 3, this is common in a lot of Psychics an is probably due to the fact that at this age we have not yet been conditioned into fearing the spiritual world and it is hard to recall memories prior to this. 

    Having enhanced her abilities by attending workshops and seminars around the country. ( not too many though as she tends to enter as an advanced student/professional), complementing further her gifts, with her extraordinary ability as a Palmist and Medium. Charlotte is also a natural Healer.. On an emotional level, amy of the clients that sit in front of heron up in tears in a positive release, feeling much better for it. Also able to link into a selection of intuitive cards, constantly amazed at the consistency of the information given. Unbelievably, the same cards will appear in a second reading, providing consistency.

    Respected at London's College of Psychic Studies and has been invited back on a regular basis on their open evenings to demonstrate Palmisty, and has also gained accreditation from the British Astrological and Psychic Society (BAPS) ( Which sadly has since disbanded due to internal matters). Which was founded by the famous British Astrologer Russell Grant in 1976. Charlotte was on their list of Consultants, having been passed under the disciplines of Mediumship, Clairvoyance and Palmistry.

    Charlottes teaches people aiming to bring together the knowledge that she has in each field. En-powering people with their own Spiritual Development. Tutoring people to connect to the Spiritual World giving the student encouragement, self belief and confidence to deliver what they hear from spirit.

    ( sometimes we have information that we don't pass on that is relevant, feeling apprehensive because the sitter is unable to take " some" of the information given, "at the time fo the Reading," ( often the client after chatting with relatives will come back to us with a new understanding of the information and can place it).

    Charlotte continues to work and teach all over the uk, at events, etc.. as far up on some occasions at York and down to Somerset, venturing into Cornwall.

    Charlotte has the letters ConsM.BAPS after her name, awarded by the British Astrological and Psychic Society, in addition to the letters CeMAP, CeRGI that she gained in the Financial Services Industry for which she was regulated at that time by the FSA now the FCA. Charlotte also attained a level 3 qualification in Anatomy, Physiology and Pathology gaining 74% remarkable considering she did this in 2 weeks. Also passing as a Seated Chair Massage Practiionioner, Charlotte is already able to perform massages to her clients that specifically need this along with healing.

    Media and Television

    Charlotte has appeared on Sky TV's Psychic Channels.

    Psychic and Soul Channel 885 working as a presenter/psychic

    Psychic first on Sky Channel 885, as a presenter/psychich

    Psychic Interactive on Sky Channel 886, now all Psychic Today.

    Channel 4 on a Documentary called Diamond Dealers dodgy geezers.


    A little experience on Bay.fm thanks to a dear friend

    BBC Radio 5 live with Tim Samuels.

    Bridge Radio 102.5 with Naz

    Fubar Radio, London's uncensored internet radio with Olivia Lee

    and aired on EX-PatRadio

    Charlotte's Clients

    Charlotte sees clients from all walks of life, including professionally Qualified people in the Medical, Financial, Legal, Engineering and Scientific Services etc.. the Rich and Famous, other well known and respected mediums/psychics as well as the general public, she can also be booked for Corporate Events and Private Parties. Charlotte always, always receives excellent reviews and "guarantees" that you will be amazed with your reading. If you are a sceptic Charlotte would love to see you ( Don't be afraid)/