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  • Charlotte Can show you how to link into your own intuition by using different tools such as meditation, Channelling through writing, using all of your senses and enhancing your capabilities to tap into

    • Clairvoyance
    • Clairsentience
    • Clairaudience

    There are more of the "clairs" found on the definition page under the heading About.

    The basic beginning steps allows you to focus your capabilities, looking at your strengths and weaknesses, both count. Moving forward developing your abilities further.

    Such as

    • Mediumship
    • Telepathy
    • Psychic
    • Dowsing
    • Tarot
    • Numerology
    • Psycometry
    • Palmistry

    Much can be achieved over Zoom but in time, after the lockdown Charlotte has now found a venue, close by, which she will be using on a monthly basis, if not more for your development. It will be exciting and be able accommodate what you would like to learn. Charlotte believes that we all have innate ability to be psychic some of us just recognise this from an earlier age or can be deemed natural just as you would find a foot baller to be a natural or an artist or singer.

    If you are interested call or text 07507 660 664