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    One of UK's Best in Person (Face to Face), over the Phone, Skype, Zoom, WhatsApp, Psychic, Clairvoyant, Medium, Tarot Readers. Charlotte is available to be booked for in Person Readings, Corporate Events, Staff Appreciation days, Press Events, Weddings and much more.* Pro Active* Professional* Guaranteed to enhance the Event* and can, depending on availability, be booked at a moments notice

    ............Love .... Health.... Career.... Investments.... Life.....Path......

    Charlotte is One of London's leading Psychics, vetted by the British Astrological and Psychic Society, she has worked at London's College of Psychic Studies and London's School of Intuition and healing, she has appeared live on Sky TV and on Stage in front of an Audience of Nearly 400 people. Alexandra Palace, been aired on Radio 5 Live with Tim Samuels, ex-patradio. She also is warmly received at events around the Country. When Charlotte is not at events, you can see her in her home where she works from 11am to 7pm most days. Charlotte "Guarantees that" You Will Enjoy Your Reading and that you will leave with the knowledge that you need.

    Charlotte sees people from all professions, walks of life from Famous Celebrities, Politicians, Accountants, Solicitors, Doctors, Nurses to local Builders, Retails, Hairdressers and so on.

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    Hey! I am Charlotte, a natural "gifted" clairvoyant, with all of the gifts that you will find described on the definitions page.

    Initially taught by my mother, gifts passed down through the generations. I used my talents as party tricks or to impress friends. Astonishingly accurate each time. I decided to help people with my abilities/ I love doing what I do, I do it from my heart with passion, being able to show you that there is life after we pass over to spirit and being able to give you specific details of those that you miss. I realised that I could help by passing messages from loved one beyond the veil. that the same comfort, that I had received from my won relatives and that gave me solace and closure, ( from the knowledge that they are happy and life goes on), could also be felt by you. Don't be a blind believer, come as a skeptic but keep an open mind. Don't tell me your life story before we meet or there will be less for me to tell you.

  • This lady is amazing. Everything that was said to me was spot on. I never gave her any clues and she did not fish by asking questions. I truly believe that she is clairvoyant and has a beautiful and unique gift. I feel amazed by what she has said in my reading. Peace love.

    Sylda xxx
  • Charlotte is very welcoming and has a very likeable personality that makes you feel comfortable/ she was very quick to analyse my personality and aura without being prompted. Charlotte gave me a lot of great genuine advice from my reading! I highly recommend her! She made me feel a lot better and I hope everything she predicted comes to pass! Thank you very much.

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    Meditation can be so useful for all of us. Help us maintain brain health calming our anxieties. In todays ever fast paced world with all of the intricacies over lapping socialisation, social media (

    Whilst still in Lockdown

    Exploring your abilities over Zoom is the best way forward to enhance any Psychic capability and can be extradordinarily uplifting. Whether you would just like to give it ago, your an avid fan of

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    Psychic Development Workshop 7pm over Zoom ( 1 hour)

    Psychic Development Workshop on the 4th August 2020. Join Charlotte over on the 7th August 2020 over Zoom @7pm. For further info call, text or email, 07507 660 664, email: charlotte@clairvoyantlondon.com. This weeks Topic is Hypnotherapy.



    Psychic Development Workshop 7pm over Zoom ( 1 Hour)

    Psychic Development Workshop over zoom. Join Charlotte @ 7pm on the 11th August 2020 for a Psychic Development Workshop.. For further info call, text or email. 07507 660 664, email: charlotte@clairvoyantlondon.com this weeks topic is councilling.



    Psychic Development Workshop 7pm over zoom (1 hour)

    Join Charlotte on August 18th at 7pm over zoom for further info Call Text or Email. 07507 660 664 charlotte@clairvoyantlondon.com

    The weeks topic will be Healing

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